Sunday, November 14, 2010

Preparing the Older Siblings

The animals, of course.

We recently determined that our original plan to keep the nursery door closed is not going to work, as the room gets a bit chilly. So, I opened the door this week in order to give the animals time to go in and sniff around and adjust to the fact that they are now allowed in this room. Of course the cats think this must be some magical place full of exciting things. And it is.

There have already been several occasions of my chasing (and by chasing, I mean, waddling quickly) after Gus as he races under the dining room table with a stuffed animal in his mouth. The stuffed animals have now been moved high enough that neither Gus, nor our child, will ever be able to reach them.

I thought the glider would be safe from the cats...I mean, it moves! I specifically did not lock it in place, the hopes that when the cats tried to jump on it, it would freak them out and they'd find another place to lay. I also stuck the boppy pillow on the seat of the glider as yet another deterrent. Surely, that would not be a comfortable place for a catnap. This is what happened:

Cats 1, Me 0.

My biggest concern really is Gus and the crib. I can just imagine him discovering this perfect cat bed with a warm, tiny little human keeping it nice and cozy just for him. I am totally convinced that he will, in fact, lay directly on the baby.

My plan for this? Tin foil. I've covered the crib mattress with tin foil. I'm hoping that in the coming weeks before the baby arrives, Gus will get curious enough to jump into the crib, only to have a complete freak out when he jumps onto the loud, shiny surface of doom. Actually, I am rather looking forward to hearing the cacophony when it does happen.

With my luck though, I'll probably go upstairs one day to find him laying in the crib wearing a tin foil helmet.


  1. Oooh, then I will get in the crib with Gus wearing one of my helmets. :)

  2. Cats HATE the smell of menthol. Try a little vicks on the corners of the tin foil. Re-enforcing the derrent will help! Also, set mousetraps under a sheet of paper works wonders too....heeeheee

  3. Oh please get video of the freak out! That would be so hilarious...

  4. Don't worry, Mo read this one aloud. :)