Friday, November 12, 2010

The Beginning...

So it is November 12th. Exactly one month from today, we are due to bring Brenner 3.0 into the world. I've decided to create this blog for our many friends and family who want to hear about the ridiculous things that happen as we attempt to raise our child.

Here's how it all began:

Me: My period is very late. I'm going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow morning.

Will: Ok!

~ next morning ~

Me: There's something in the bathroom you need to go look at.

Will: [heavy sigh] Is it a centipede?

Me: Um, no, it's not a centipede...

Will: It's a spider, isn't it?

Me: No, it's not a freakin' spider! Will you just go upstairs and look?!?

Will: [finally...the brain light bulb flicks on] OH...well you wouldn't tell me to go look unless...

Me: You're killing me. Just go look!

So once we get over the initial shock and excitement, we firmly decide that we will wait until I go to the doctor to tell our parents and siblings and very close friends, and then we'll tell everyone else after the first trimester.

5 minutes later, Will is on the phone with his parents. So that plan works out well.

4 days later, my very intuitive friend Freya calls to ask if everything is ok because we've been quiet that week. She's afraid something is wrong. Secrecy plan FAIL.

And that's how it all began. Here are some highlights between then and now:

1st Trimester: My biggest fear is puking on the bus. This never happens. In fact, I never even get morning sickness. No weird food aversions, except coffee. I love coffee, but for this three months, I can't even stand the smell of it. Other than that, I feel pretty ok. Oh, except for the fact that I go from 0-ravenously hungry in about 2 seconds. One Saturday morning:

Will: You know how I know you're pregnant?

Me: How?

Will: You're eating a snack before breakfast.

Me: So?

Will: You just ate half a box of Cheeze-Its. It's 7:30 a.m.

Me: Oh. You want some?

2nd Trimester: I am completely, thoroughly, 1,500% sure that we are having a girl. Mother's intuition...sometimes, we just know these things. My mom knew she was having a girl, and now I know. It's just one of those things. Will tries to say he thinks it's a boy, but we all know he's just doing that to argue, so really, who's going to take him seriously?

Fast forward to 20 week ultrasound

It's a boy. Will literally jumps up and down in the ultrasound room. It takes me a few days to adjust to the idea that we are having a boy. I am definitely excited, and by no means upset about having a boy. I am, however, VERY upset that I was wrong. It's not even that I think I've already failed as a mother by not having the correct intuition. I just really, really hate it when I'm wrong!

3rd Trimester (so far): I finally look pregnant, and not just like I ate too many cheeseburgers. I'm feeling it too. Even though I've still managed to avoid most pregnancy discomforts, like heartburn and round ligament pain, my back is starting to hurt and I get these lovely stabbing, pinching pains somewhere near my bladder when I try to walk sometimes. Fun! I'm also getting kicked in the ribs regularly. I often need help getting up from the couch, and sleeping is getting less and less comfortable.

Of the things I've had to give up, the one thing I miss most? It's not smoking, or drinking, or jumping on trampolines...nope...sleeping on my stomach! I am convinced that as soon as I get home from the hospital, I am going to lay down for 5 minutes on my stomach and not move. And it will be glorious.


  1. good luck doing anything for yourself (like laying on your stomach for 5 minutes) EVER AGAIN!


    but seriously, you will never do any of those things.

    i can't wait to see this boy in the flesh!!!! jay and i are thinking about you all and we're sure that lew's babbling and drooling means that he's excited as well...not for you guys per se it may just be a full diaper. Either way, this shit is exciting!!

  2. Well, geez. I didn't mean to ruin everything. :P

  3. Perhaps we can nickname him threepoint-o!!! After all, Six is called six! HaHa! Brilliant! Okay okay....I'm thinking you aren't onboard with this idea....*sigh* I will come up with something truly brilliant in the next four weeks. Love the blog! Tell us all!

  4. You two are so hilarious! I'm really glad you are doing this. Make sure there are a lot of pictures!!

  5. Hello! Where are the pictures of you REALLY pregnant?!